Making Sense of Self-Publishing Terms

By Irene Watson Most authors dream of being published by a traditional publisher-one who pays to print the author’s book and then pays the author royalties. However, after months or years of mailing out manuscripts to publishers and literary agents, and piles of rejection letters later-if even lucky enough to get a response-many authors ultimately turn to self-publishing. When self-publishing is first considered, the author finds that homework is required to understand the self-publishing industry. Various blogs and Internet forums about self-publishing will offer advice or commentary about staying away from POD publishers or subsidy publishers, or about the stigmas […]

How to Generate Ideas for Gigs to Sell on Fiverr

“What should I sell on Fiverr?” is a key question for people considering the possibility of making money online by setting up shop as indie entrepreneurs on Fiverr has become a popular venue for people who want some level of self-employment: anything from a “side-gig” that nets a few dollars here and there, to a steady source of income that ultimately replaces a full-time job. When people first encounter the Fiverr website, it can seem overwhelming. Fiverr sellers offer services ranging from conventional (web design, photo editing, copywriting, and proofreading) to unconventional (celebrity impersonations, birthday songs performed by singers […]