About Me

Hey there! How’re things?

Chris Swyer here.  You’ve reached my business blog.

In the 18 years or so that I’ve been involved in doing business on the internet, I’ve seen a lot of epic opportunities come and go.  I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve also seen amazing success including publishing over $250,000 worth of ads for Google, selling over $10,000 worth of websites, and I have setup literally hundreds of websites, businesses and other projects along the way.

Sometimes I think I’m a genius… Sometimes I’m clearly an idiot, but I get through the tough times with my sense of humour.

I hope that you find something useful here, and my plan with this blog is to bring you awesome business plans, useful YouTube videos, book reviews and anything else I think will help you do business online.

There will also be a few (probably crap) jokes.  Apologies in advance! :-p

If you want to improve your life outside of online business, and you’re interested in personal development and self-help topics, you should also go and check out my Christopher Swyer “Adventures in Life” blog, where you will find lots of great stuff to help you make the most out of our short time on earth.

Enjoy! 🙂